Based on video-footage analysis, Nike Free comes out a useful tool

Over the years, the popularity of running has been enhanced and it turns out to be any physical activity. On the other hand, injuries unavoidably are to take place. Observations indicate that injuries link with the musculoskeletal method. Treating these injuries, the application of video-walk analysis upon a treadmill has been implemented to watch the injury-mechanism. The best strategy to watch the underlying condition might be observing the patient while running barefoot. However, the safety issues linked with running barefoot upon a treadmill do not make it a positive strategy.

Before two years, the individuals started using nike free running shoe in combination with video-gait evaluation. The Nike Free permits the feet to move through their usual array of motion that makes the feeling and effects of running barefoot. The free design also makes bypass the safety issues featured with barefoot treadmill while running without hampering the analyzing method. The key is to watch the patient at pace during the time of applying nike free shoe since they do not alter the visual observation of the underlying issue.

According to researchers, the runners can harm themselves in putting on more supportive footwear. It occurs because of modern technology. The enhanced support was appended to reimburse the damages. While running, these situations take place upon the foot. Moreover, the runners looked for a shoe that can assist to bear these forces.

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