Packing for Paris is as daunting a task as it seems. How does one pack for two weeks in one of the coolest, most well-dressed cities in the world? My goal was to pack efficiently, so I began by narrowing down my footwear options to the Air Force 1 Low and Free Flyknits – one staple and one functional/cool sneaker.Comfort is crucial when flying for long periods of time, so naturally I opted for my favorite tech pants. I wore my AF1s to lighten the load in my suitcase, and black crew socks to keep my ankles warm and to match the cuff of the pants. The leather jacket dresses it up, as does the fedora that I wore on the plane because I couldn’t pack it. Somehow the juxtaposition of the sweats, leather and a felt hat came together well.As someone who likes to squeeze in workouts on vacation and dresses in sportswear anyway, I brought multifunctional workout gear. I wore my favorite black leggings, which could have been dressed up for a night out, Free Flyknits, and a tech fleece cape, which I later tied around my waist as the weather heated up. These pieces were perfect for a long day of walking and sightseeing.Every morning in Paris began with a fresh baked croissant from the local boulangerie (bakery). For a day of shopping in the Champs Elysees, I did my first French girl impression in leather leggings, a printed silk blouse and a blazer with Free Flyknits – my rendition of sportswear in Paris.One of the first things I noticed is that a lot of people in Paris wear AF1s. I walked past a pack of Parisian girls all wearing white AF1 lows but individually dressed so differently. What I like is that their style appeared so effortless. However, even though I promised myself I wouldn’t spend as much time in sweats, I couldn’t resist. I wore them with AF1s, a striped tee (when in France), a long trench coat and my beloved fedora.

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