There is simply one way to success, therefore the premise goes into South Korea. This belief can also be the key inspiring Nike’s new Simply Do It campaign in South Korea, that takes another view about how kids succeed today and encourages these to unleash their full potential.

In today’s Korea, children are taught that education is the best way to success. Visit school, do your research, obtain a career remain on path. Sameness can lead to stagnation, says South Korean football legend Young-Pyo Lee, who made his mark when he led his national team to the semifinals in the 2002 South Korea – Japan match, although they are told conformity is the only way.

Starting today, Korean teens possess a platform to voice their stories, and describe what sports method for them, their love for competition and the significance of achieving greatness.

I understand how hard it may be to concentrate on sport whenever you feel a great deal pressure to analyze extended hours to become great in class, says Lee. With my voice as well as others I really hope kids will demand their rights to experience.

To permit kids to discover other paths, Nike is providing per month of free activities, including football (Nike Cup), basketball (3on3 tournament) and running (the Nike Mile), starting August 28.

For your nationwide Nike Cup, a number of preliminary competitions and regional finals is going to be located in Daegu, Seoul and Busan beginning August 29. Finalists will fight for your Nike Cup in Seoul on September 20.

Nike Basketball 3on3 tournaments and regional finals is going to be held from August 28 to September 13 in Daegu, Seoul and Busan. Finalists from each region will take part in a unique workout on September 18 as well as the champion squad is going to be selected on September 19.

On August 30, Nike holds Korea’s first one-mile (1.6K) run, the Nike Mile, at Seoul Olympic Park Peace Plaza. Since July 13, participants have already been posting their one-mile times around the Nike Running App. The very best 400 female and male runners will qualify.

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